Blue View Chalets are located in the Town of the Blue Mountains on Georgian Bay.

From Toronto (1.5 to 2 hours).

Aurora, Vista, Omega, Vega, Corona, Stella, Luna, and Prima are located at:
104 Brooker Blvd, Blue Mountains, ON.

Aqua Center and West are located at:
209555 and 209553 HWY 26, Blue Mountains, ON

44L is located at:
179 Tyrolean Lane, Blue Mountains, ON.

Our local contact and Property Manager who will check you in. Phone # is (705) 888-1670.

Please call prior to your arrival with the detail of your arrival time and plans.


Our Properties:

Our Chalets are located on three separate properties. Click on the images to view each property’s layout and unique points of interest.

The Mountain Property is our main location and is the closest property to the Blue Mountain Village. On this property you’ll find our most popular chalets: The Aurora, The Vista, The Vega, The Omega, The Corona, The Stella, The Luna, and The Prima. This property is the only one with access to the seasonal outdoor swimming pool.

The Waterfront Property is located on Georgian Bay, about a 5 minute drive from the Blue Mountain Village. On this property you’ll find the Aqua Center and Aqua West, as well as our owner’s place of residence. This property is the only one with direct, on-property access to Georgian Bay.


The 44L is located on its own property, in the heart of Tyrolean Village. The 44L is a “vintage” chalet that was built in the 1950s, so it has a more rustic feel than the chalets on the Mountain and Waterfront properties. It is a semi-detached chalet with residential neighbours and a private forest in the backyard.